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JMARK Ventures Inc. is committed to helping entrepreneurs build exceptional companies.  We are the partner to trust when you are looking to turn your dreams of owning your own business into reality!
JMARK is comprised of top-tier advisors, bringing together a wealth of experience from many business sectors.  No matter what the dream, we are confident that we can help!

Why choose JMARK?  Here are some of our key differentiators:

Our Innovative and Flexible Approach to Structuring Transactions

We move forward with deals expeditiously, without the usual constraints and deal-breakers

Our Domain Expertise

We possess a broad range of knowledge and expertise from many disciplines and enjoy a vast array of business alliances which will open doors for our clients.

Our Directors ARE Entrepreneurs

In addition to being domain experts and research specialists, we are first and foremost entrepreneurs - just like you!

Our Focus

With an abundance of expertise from many business sectors, we do not limit our focus to specific target markets; we are open to all opportunities.

Our Goal Is To Be The Best, Not The Biggest

As such, we are responsive to opportunities and timely with decisions.

Our Word

We operate our firm ethically, with honesty and integrity, and with a view to creating win-win scenarios for all parties.


Our team has access to subject matter experts from many fields.  We can help turn "No" into "YES" for you and your business plans!

Whether you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey and have a dream of owning your own business but are not sure how to start, or if you are already achieving millions in sales and wanting to take your company to the next level, JMARK can help!

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